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Want to know about the features and uses of PPA online booking? If yes, then read this article carefully to become more knowledge full about the PPA booking. It is a generally a term used for a contract between the two parties, the one who generates electricity is known as a seller and the other one who is looking to purchase electricity is the buyer. The term PPA defines for the sale of electricity between the two parties, including payment terms and conditions. It is the principal agreement that defines the revenue and it is the main instrument of project finance. Here in this article, we are discussing the PPA booking online platform.

Features of PPA online booking platform: This platform provides you with all the tools that you want and support to launch power online bookings in the marketplace. The more features of PPA online booking platform is mention below:
1. Calendar Sync:
With the help of the synchronized calendar, you can manage your appointments from your cell phone device. You can add a personal calendar to this online platform.
2. CRM Integration:
This feature allows you to add new appointments on this online booking platform and connect to other major CRM in this portal and many more.

3.Top-Down architecture:
This online booking portal is built with a top-down architecture approach in order to manage company’s clients in a simple manner. This feature helps to update daily operations and manage records in an easier way.
Benefits of using this platform:
• It generates automated lead routing.
• Help to set global settings across all vendors.
• This online platform is designed specially to generate reports to track conversation rates.
• The PPA online booking platform helps to manage all business vendors from one account.
These are some important features and benefits of using PPA online booking software. Hope you gain knowledge regarding this.