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Leather is considered as a non-woven bulk of fibrous Collagen protein that comes from the skin of animals and that has been left biorefractive. An animal skin consist bio refractive and therefore converted to leather from the tanning procedure. The immune process permanently comprises what levels to biocide in the collagen. Other desired features are imparted into the leather via poppers sg, coloring, dressing table, waterproofing, shaping, and functioning.

Fatliquoring is the process of integrating fats, greases, and oils to the body of this leather. The existence of fats, greases, and oils in leather lubricates the fibers also will waterproof the leather. Without enough inner lubrication, the fibers will abrade and crack as a result of friction, and also the leather can crack.

Leather is given a color by way of perishing or pigmenting. Determined by the way employed, the coloration may be integrated through the whole depth of the leather, or it may be concentrated and close to the surface.

Dressing is a surface finish that is provided to the substance. The surface finish is really a constant organic matrix different from the protein fibers. That organic matrix may vary from a latex paint into a wax. Dressing always describes that which is the outmost layer of organic matter of this leather. Thus it’s feasible for a dressing table to be “dressed” because it’s likely to employ a wax polish into a surface of painted leather. Before wax polishing, the natural matrix that is the paint outer coating of the leather has been the “dressing”
Working the leather identifies the repeated bending of the Leather so as to lessen stiffness. This is a totally mechanical procedure.


All chemical treatments of leather drop into one or more of such categories: substitute fat liquors, surface dressings, water proofers, and poppers sg.