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BH Band is a company focused on doing what exactly is necessary to carry out your occasion in the safest and most stylish way you can assume, one of it’s best products is actually its Identification bracelet (pulseira de identificação) as well as its Tickets, Experience, Tickets, Braces for your teeth and many others.

It doesn’t matter what the size of the event you want to execute, an Identification bracelet (pulseira de identificação) for every of your guests or people attending is ideal to acknowledge them and thus, there are no security problems. So that as we know that in these occasions tend to current certain inconveniences, we have a relatively strong substance characterized by the plastic drawing a line under for protection against infringement and feasible fraud. BH Group wristbands are made of Tyvek, a synthetic DuPont document that does not very easily tear or even crumble within water.

However, given that we have been interested in the security of those who attend your function, it is important to note that the BH Band bracelets come with sequential numbering, unseen ink reactive to african american light, which helps in controlling the safety of the party and it is organizers. When it comes to hospitals, discussions, parties, shows, graduations, allow the distinction of days, sectors, degrees of access or another event that needs a safe identification control. The use of individualized BH Band seat tickets along with the wristbands further increases the safety of your event, so you can all be confident that the length of the event will probably be successful.

However, we make sure to adapt to what you deserve for, therefore printing can be carried out in dark or in color. In addition, the size of the Identification bracelet (pulseira de identificação) is actually 25x2cm for comfort, however, this could also be altered. Each of them is surely an economical, differentiated and very secure option for identification from the public inside short-term events; they could be personalized in different ways and have many predefined colors for modification.