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The hyperbaric chamber for sale has brought with it a great opportunity for benefits in modern medicine because the cost of the hyperbaric chamber manufactured by Tekna reduces the final price of a complete medical treatment, such as, for example, the application of oxygen through one of the different hyperbaric chambers for sale that Tekna has.

The monoplace hyperbaric chamber is pressurized to 100% oxygen, where the patient through changes and increases in pressure can breathe oxygen at that level of percentage, the disadvantage that presents compared to a multiplace oxygen therapy chamberis that you can only supply that oxygen to one patient at a time. Now the multiplace chamber can treat thanks to its design and size to multiples patients at the same time, it must also have a larger space to adapt the place so that it meets minimum requirements.

This type of chamber needs a package that contains a duplex medical type air compressor and additionally, for safety purposes, it must have a fire system that allows it to be extinguished with high-pressure water. In addition to these two requirements, a whole system of independent pipes must be installed to feed the entire chamber.

In a breakthrough to have greater reach with the equipment in Tekna, we offer mobile hyperbaric chamber for sales, which consist simply of a multiplace chamber with its equipment and other auxiliary components so that they can operate mounted on a trailer or truck easily moved.

All these options are aimed at the benefit of human health by improving its defense system through the use of high-pressure oxygen, but we must not overlook that this product widens its range with a veterinary hyperbaric chamber for sale to take advantage of all the kindness that brings this kind of medicine to the animal world