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Oskar kowalski is really a New Yorker who is recognized for his serial business backgrounds and entrepreneurship, gained lots of encounter by spending his time on Wall Street. He has learned quite several things and got numerous different recognitions for his function. Having more than 10 years of experience in Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Private equity in addition to alternative funding and unsecured capitalisation. He has worked in numerous various sectors with different expertise. He has created a whole lot in several methods and made quite appreciable accomplishments. A role model as well as a correct inspiration. He’s the brain of each of the various plans.

oskar kowalski is a fantastic entrepreneur with abilities which are commendable. With each of the accomplishments he has held the senior level position in many firms and has earned the respect. The thoughts to all the tips and the base foundation for all of the enterprise plans. He’s the backbone of the organization. Not only operating for the business but he has proved to be an excellent humanitarian too. With his level of expertise and encounter, he could make anything possible. He has the thoughts as well as the leadership quality which has helped the company expand a lot more in previous ten years. Connecting using the youth he has also lowered the generation gap.
He co-founded Polish-American Centre of Psychotherapy in south Poland in 2010. He got his concept to come true with his efforts and also the funding in the European Union and VC input for the building funding. Because the start of this organisation, it has helped a lot of patients. he has helped numerous individuals and is well known for the private patient care centre. Oskar kowalski has also collaborated and helped Sacario to be featured in each Asian shop and has worked for various magazine outlets, and now is well-known in Tv about the planet.