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Based on the Dakar Rally competition, the Deep Silver and Bigmoon Entertainment companies will make the Dakar 18 download available to the public in September, A video game with which they seek to simulate, in the most realistic way possible, and the most recognized cross-country racing championship of all.
In this sense, realism does not only refer to the high quality of graphics and sounds, which offer amazing effects; but also, to the components and modalities of dakar 18 free. This means that the creators have designed each vehicle and pilot quite similar to the real ones; also, the routes, obstacles, and challenges that occur in the interval of the run.

In this way, there are five categories classified according to the chosen car, which can be: motorcycles, cars, trucks, quads, and SxS. It is important to mention that each vehicle has particular characteristics and behaviors. So, at the time of undertaking the race, it is essential that the forecasts that correspond to it are taken; considering, the wear that may suffer, the amount of fuel consumed or the supplies and spare parts available.
On the other hand, there is the map of the 18,000km2 of a career that makes up the race; which transits three South American countries, Bolivia, Argentina and Peru. These maps, despite showing a route marked on the navigator, is open for the pilot to explore at will. However, the challenge and demand of the Dakar 18 free pc are in the ability to attend to explanations, while looking for strategies to deal with each period.
Also, with Dakar 18 free download the player can choose the alternative of online games, such as multiplayer; or you also have the offline mode, in which you can also play individually and as a form of practice, for future competitions, also being able to configure the split screen view. In any case, the game provides an unprecedented driving experience, where in addition to the skills of other competitors, the new technology of Artificial Intelligence is added.